TechnoSport B2B

Grobartig Watch Company, LLC is the exclusive distributor in the United States for TechnoSport watches. TechnoSport watches are a modern and audacious watch brand inspired by a unique concept. They are highly sought after, and affordable.


There are many advantages of becoming an authorized retailer, this brand is nationally/internationally advertised and well known. By becoming a TechnoSport retailer, you have access to our B2B online portal, you will have a personal account representative assigned to your account to offer their expertise and experience. You will receive promotional items such as hats, keychains, flashlights, water bottles and pens to pass on to your customers, also, we can provide display cases at no cost to you so you can showcase these watches. We want you to succeed! In addition, Grobartig Watch Company is the United States repair/service center for TechnoSport watches, we handle all warranty claims in the US territory.


Contact us for wholesale and distribution pricing, becoming a TechnoSport authorized retailer is just a click away, once we accept you as a reseller, you will have access to our TechnoSport wholesale prices page.  Whether you have a retail location or a web store, becoming a Technosport reseller will open a new world of opportunities, in fact, there will be a direct link to your store on our store locator page. If you are interested in becoming a TechnoSport reseller contact us, our information is listed below. Once you have submitted your inquiry you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives.


In order for Grobartig Watch Company to provide top notch customer service, space is limited. Act now, reserve your spot in the TechnoSport B2B portal.


Contact us:

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Phone: 844-928-2400